Group Projects: Think outside the box! Work together in small groups of 2-4 to discuss these problems and answer any specific questions. Hand in one set of answers with all of your names.

Individual Quizzes: Review and master recent material. Work individually to answer these short answer and essay questions. You may use your notes.

M June 30 Project 1 : Folk Psychology
T July 1 NO QUIZ
Th July 3 Project 2 : Atlas of Cross Sections
F July 4 NO QUIZ
M July 7 Project 3 : Hypothalamus & Pituitary
T July 8 Quiz 1 : Hypothalamus
Th July 10 Project 4 : Cerebral Cortex
F July 11 Quiz 2 : Cerebral Cortex
M July 14 Project 5
T July 15 Quiz 3
Th July 17 Project 6
F July 18 Quiz 4
M July 21 Project 7
T July 22 Quiz 5
Th July 24 Project 8
F July 25 Quiz 6
M July 28 Project 9
T July29 NO QUIZ
Th July 31 Project 10
F August 1 NO QUIZ

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